Goopy Gyne Bagha Byne gets animated!

Watch the trailer!


I want to go to there.

When I get my TARDIS, it’s going to be hard to choose whether to go to 60s Calcutta or 70s Bombay first.

Handsome suave pretend(probably)-drunk Uttam in a tuxedo is handsome suave. I’m not a person who falls for cigarettes and booze being waved around insouciantly, but damn if he isn’t working that exact shtick. Madhabi seems unimpressed, though. Be sure you watch til the end for the smile at the camera.

“Ami Agantuk Ami Barta Dilam” from Sankha Bela (from which this gem also comes)

All those twisting extras. The kitten-heeled shoes. The lonely yet festive cluster of balloons. A living room that, unlike those in Hindi cinema with their sunken seating areas that can hold at least 63 people and their inside-out wedding cake stairways and balconies, seems like the kind of place you might actually find yourself someday. Which is not to critique those kinds of wedding-cake Bollywood homes. It’s just nice to stumble across something a bit more relatable sometimes.

the songs of Nakal Sona

If you only watch/listen to one vintage Bengali film song this weekend, let it be either this one (such a cha-cha-cha vibe!)

“Bah Chamatkar”
…or maybe this one (invoking of Uttam-Suchitra! Fantasy dreamland use of baubles, bubbles, and mushrooms!)

“Ami Ki Habo”

I’d love to see this movie but it seems quite hard to track down. Has anyone seen it?


Poor Uttam clearly needs help with his snogging technique. “Snog”, the director said. Not “snort”, Uttam!

(Although she seems to be into it. Proto erotic asphyxiation!)