A repository of classic Bengali cinema with a Soumitra Chatterjee / Uttam Kumar bias. If there’s a movie you’d like to see featured here, please use the Contact button above.

Ardhendu Mukherjee is clearly an excellent chap

Try some jalebi, my dear Sonpapdi

Things to know before you proceed:

1. Bongalong = Bengali + Watchalong, where Watchalong = process wherein I watch movies with my friends over the internet. Usually with Beth.

2. I really like classic Bengali cinema. Maybe I’d like contemporary Bengali cinema too! But that’s an investigation that will have to await its turn while I explore the classics.

3. This is mostly a repository for movie plotlines with a little commentary thrown in from time to time. If you’re spoiler-averse, then you should leave right now! If you love spoilers as much as I do, then welcome!

4. If you’ve seen a movie that belongs on this site but isn’t featured here for some reason, then by all means, send it in! Use the contact page as often as necessary! This is especially true of movies that don’t star Uttam or Soumitra.

5. Some movies (especially those directed by Ray) have a “What Happened Next” section. This is the part where we make up a better ending for the characters we fell in love with.


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