Suchitra Sen, queen of the crazy


Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 1.13.55 PM

Pathey Holo Deri, 1957

In this film she’s also veering into chola territory (and no, not the historical Tamilian empire kind, either).

Screen shot 2013-05-26 at 11.16.28 AM

Those are not eyebrows. Those are Sharpie.


5 thoughts on “Suchitra Sen, queen of the crazy

  1. Those are not eyebrows. Those are Sharpie. Methinks they’re felt/furry paper leftover from an old school project. 😉 She had so much make-up in the film that I bet they went over budget just buying all that foundation and sharpie!

    For the uninitiated, what is “chola territory” when its not being controlled by the historical Tamilian empire?

  2. Oh dear, “chola territory” it almost is! 😦

    I am a sucker for romance, inspite of those eyebrows (or maybe because of those – ‘coz a man who could love those eyebrows must be really really in “true” love!). That said, I remember loving Alo Amar Alo to bits and was horrified when I rewatched it last year! So maybe I will never re-watch this…

  3. Yes, I agree that so much make-up was applied to Suchitra Sen in movie pothe holo deri. Her face appear painted.
    But she has been a lovely lass all her acting years.

  4. Suchitra Sen…I have loved you since i was 10 years the year was 1992….in between i knew u are there but after ur passing by …i now realized how dearly i adored u….im not feeling well since u passed by….im watching ur movies everyday several times just to hear your voice, see u r smile…i do not know how to live…..can i not go wherever ur….and sit in front of your leg and just watch u….life seems colourless without u

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