Superstar overload?


Rajesh Khanna, Uttam Kumar, Supriya Devi, and her daughter Soma, ca. 1973, according to the website where I found this. The idea of Kaka and the Mahanayak being in such close proximity somehow sounds like a violation of the laws of physics.


4 thoughts on “Superstar overload?

  1. And here’s another one of the two looking very happy 🙂 Your pic above looks like from around ’73-’74 (start of horrid hair phase) which was around the time he may have been shooting for ‘Anurodh’ which was inspired by Uttam-Tanuja’s ‘Deya Neya’.

  2. (Sorry for this late reply! I lost track of lots of email for a month or so.) That is a fabulous picture! Amrita and I are both fascinated by who plays whose characters when films are remade from one industry to another. Rajesh Khanna makes more sense (at least to me, at least on paper) as “Uttam Kumar in Hindi” than Dharmendra does, who also played his roles a few times.

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