“male spectator stays glued”

From an article entitled “Uttam Kumar’s secret Keys: An Analysis”:

The unique thing is that he is still popular amongst the male spectator still today, when his films are shown in television even 60 yrs old male spectator stays glued to the television screen as if they are enjoying a sexual intercourse. Even today, the aged spectators, who were in the early 30’s when he died, enjoy an orgasm kind of feeling when they watch an Uttam Kumar film. That it is the reason for the Uttam Kumar film’s commercial viability even after 28yrs of his death.

Okay, so it’s bizarrely phrased, but I think the author is probably on to something. I also love that there are no comments on the original post accusing the author of saying all Bengalis are homosexuals etc etc. I suspect that if someone wrote this same kind of statement about, say, Rajesh Khanna, it’d be total kalyug.


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