some subtitles from the 1979 Uttam Kumar and Soumitra Chatterjee Devdas

Hand to Helen, I have transcribed the text exactly as it appears. 

Chunilal (Uttam) and Devdas (Soumitra) have just met in their Kolkata boarding house. Chunilal is singing, of course.
He recites an Urdu poem to Devdas that includes the line “your face is more beautiful to me than my poem” and they both have a hearty chuckle.
Devdas:  “You are also very beautiful.”
Chunilal, making a very funny “well WELL” comedy face (legit funny): “Of course I am.”

Devdas: “You were singing. I think I have disturbed you.”
Chunilal: “Not at all. I was practicing. It’s like foreplay before making love.”
Chunilal: “So I’ll suggest you to keep safe distance from me.
Devdas: “Why?”
Chunilal: “Why? Good people say that I am not a good company.” [excellent subtitles, these]
Devdas: “But I have started liking you.”
I really, really hope this will be the “gay subtext” version of Devdas, even if just because 1) these actors and this cinema tradition could probably pull it off and 2) that is way more fun to think about than watching the regular miserable story yet again.

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